Monday, March 21, 2011

Will he?

Sometimes I wonder.......

Will he remember ...

The smell of the blanket he's sleeping on?

The sound of the wind chime outside?

The warmth of his momma?

My face as he cuddles up to me?

My eyes filled with admiration?

My arms filled with love?

Will he remember us in this moment?

I hope so. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's been 3 months you say?!

It's been 3 months since my last post?!  Whaa????  Yeeeeah.... about that --

I'm kind of at a loss.  It's not that a lot hasn't happened.  It's just that I guess I'm not feeling very inspired to write lately.  And I certainly don't want my posts to be boring.  But I think you'll have to settle for boring at this point.  Except for that picture.  It's pretty adorable, isn't it?  That was his St. Patrick's Day shirt.  He said that it had a "flower" and a bow on it.  

Aaron I think is on rapid speed right now.  He's developing faster than I can blink.  He's talking in full sentences sometimes, knows tons of new words and I'm sure learns new ones everyday since he repeats just about everything we say now.  Sometimes he'll come back from his grandparents' house with words I don't even use!  So for example, the other day I was changing is diaper and he pointed to his nose, sniffed in and said "mocos".  YEAH.  Chalk that one up to Grandma Yvette and her allergies.  

He loves to sing and loves music.  He drums on the trash cans in the kitchen, plays his mini piano (a hand-me-down from yours truly) and sings the full Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He also requests Fly Me To The Moon from his dad, because that's what Josh sings to him to go to bed.  He dances to the intro to Curious George and to Yo Gabba Gabba sometimes.  It's not really a surprise though because both Josh and I are really into music.  I'm thinking of starting "Music Mondays" for him!  Introducing new music to him on a weekly basis.  And my new music I mean a new Dave song every week.  Haha - just kidding.  (Sort of, not really).

Usually during the weekdays we'll wake up and I'll fix him some breakfast, sit him at his little table in front of the tv and we'll have "school time".  Aaron's great-grandparents, Henry & Jo, sent Aaron the So Your Baby Can Read dvds and so I've been playing those for him in the morning and we call that "school time".  He'll usually watch a dvd and a half before he loses interest, but he IS paying attention and knows some of the words now.  He even asks for school time sometimes!  

Aaron has also been wanting a play buddy lately and so he's always dragging Josh, my mom or me to play cars, or blocks or something else he's really into at the moment.  "C'mon momma, let's go play cars!".  It's totally endearing.  I might have to join a mommy play group or something so he can play with other kids!  

I really do wish I could just give him a sibling, but we're trying to be smart about it and not emotional.  So hopefully I'll find a job soon so we can lift ourselves out of this small hole and maybe next year...... 

Right now he's got us, his grandparents and his tia Eva to play with almost everyday.  And of course, his "buddy" Ulrich.  Haha!  Sure, Ulrich is usually running in the other direction and hiding under the bed, but Aaron doesn't notice!

Some other things that amaze me about Aaron -- we read him books often and so there are a few he knows well.  And he'll literally sit down with the book and "read" it to us!  He tells us the whole story!  It's so adorable.

He also knows the way to grandma's house!  LOL!  Seriously -- if we're driving to my parents he knows we're going to grandpa & grandma's house.  And if we're on our way to Eva's he'll say "Tia Eba's house?  Tia Eba's house?".  He knows we go over a freeway bridge when we're going to her house so he says "up the hill!" before we even get there and "down the hill!" when we're at the top.  He's so smart!!  That's totally from me.  LOL.  ;)

Yes, Aaron is doing well.  And is well loved.  He's always the best part of my day.  

So since I haven't been updating the blog often enough, please feel free to check out my Flickr page and my YouTube page.  The YouTube page has some new stuff for sure.