Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aarons' goos and gaas

Ok, first off - I've fixed the comments link so now you can actually post a comment if you want! It wasn't working in the beginning.....

Secondly - Though this video was taken when Aaron was 7 weeks, Aaron is now 8 weeks old and soon going to be 9 weeks!! Can you believe it?! I've tried to post this video a few times but I was having trouble. It finally worked so please enjoy! It's a little long and my voice is totally annoying, but Aaron is the star so it doesn't matter!!

Most of the good stuff happens in the first minute in case you're short on time. :)

Can you say "adorable"?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Progressing.... 6 weeks

Well, Tuesday Josh and I took Aaron to the doctor's to see what was up with all his fussing and gas issues. It's amazing that pediatricians can diagnosis problems for someone who doesn't talk! I know Josh and I talk on Aaron's behalf, but seriously, those pediatricians know their stuff!

Aaron's doc says that his system is still immature and she thinks it's a combination of him being a really gassy baby and that he seems to have reflux. The flap in his esophagus is still immature and not working properly and so he tends to spit up, but not all the way - just so it sits in the back of his throat. Of course this is all very uncomfortable for him, not to mention that he had his constipation come back on Friday, so it's back to the Karo syrup. The doc did give us a trail medication for the reflux and so we're going to hope that works. It's only been 2 days but he does seem to be doing slightly better - at least less fussy. He's still uncomfortable though.

Aaron was weighed at the doc's and he's now 10 lbs, 12 oz! That's insane!! At least we know he's not starving, despite his digestion system problems. Poor kid. :(

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment so Grandpa & Grandma Coblentz came over to babysit and Aaron wore his shirt that says "Grandma loves me". Then, later that evening he had more visitors! My boss Pat and the President of our association, Laura, came by to visit and drop off a lovely quilt that Laura hand made for Aaron. It's a wonderful quilt - I love the pattern and I noticed that she put a handmade tag on the backside that says who it's for and who it was made by!! So cute!

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment for myself so Aaron and I are relaxing today, playing it low key, listening to the Foo Fighters. We're cool like that.

Here's a picture of Aaron from the weekend with his little hoodie on. I told you he was cool.....(just wait until you see his rock and roll outfit!)