Sunday, December 28, 2014

December - It's The Most Busy Time Of The Year!

December!  This month is always crazy for us!  Our anniversary, Aaron's birthday, Christmas and now that Aaron's in school - TONS of school activities!  But, I think we did ok with all the stuff thrown our way this month.  

Besides having a school holiday party, Aaron was in his first school performance!  The kindergarten classes sang Christmas songs together in the auditorium for parents & family.  It was so adorable!  And he was so excited about it, which of course was the best part!

This year Aaron also turned 6 (OMGIHAVEASIXYEAROLD) and we had a Lego themed birthday for him.  Legos are a new found enjoyment for him and he loved the Lego Movie so I went back to the same bakery that we got Elizabeth's cake at and ordered him a cake shaped like a Lego block in green (his favorite color).  Side note: you'd be surprised at how hard it is to find Lego party supplies!  Hello party people!  Legos are year round fun!

Aaron got Legos of course and a Lego t-shirt and sweatshirt that he loved.  His tia Eva sent him a Hot Wheels toy he'd been asking for and his Gramma & Grandpa Weigel sent him birthday money!  I asked my parents to help send him to the East Bay SPCA Winter Camp so for the two days after his birthday Aaron got to spend time learning about animals at a local animal shelter!  He absolutely loved it and came home happy and excited both days!  It's something I'm hoping to continue in the Summer.  One of the best things about his birthday though?  His tia Eva got to sing Happy Birthday to him with the rest of us all the way from Costa Rica via Facetime!  (Thank you Steve Jobs!)

And then there was Christmas.  This was our first Christmas where it was just the four of us.  It didn't really *feel* like Christmas leading up to it.  But we got the tree, we decorated it.  We didn't really put much else up though.  And we didn't get to go see lights because we're down to one car right now (the other car needs some fixin') so Josh takes mine to work at night.  Then 2 days before Christmas I realized that this would be the first time in my 36 years that I would not be spending Christmas with my parents & sisters.  I might have been a little emotional about it.  But I talked to Josh and and I know that it was bound to happen.  I guess just the sudden realization of it caught me off guard.  I always thought I'd have a village to raise my children in, but I guess my villagers are all long distance and that's ok.

We had a good Christmas though!  After me working so hard on Thanksgiving dinner (which was redic because there are only 2 adults and then 2 picky kids which meant TONS of left overs that didn't all get eaten) I decided to go an easier route for Christmas dinner.  We ordered tamales that I picked up for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day I made a one pot meal (whole chicken, carrots & potatoes).  We took the holiday easy and we tried (ok, I tried - Josh just kept shopping) to keep the kids gifts to a minimum.  We are forever on a budget, but also I don't want them to think Christmas is all about getting tons of gifts.  We did get Aaron everything on his list though between his birthday and Christmas.  Elizabeth is really too young to have a list but trust me, she got enough!

Christmas Eve they got to open their Christmas pajamas (matching Christmas elves!), they got Christmas cookies their dad ordered for them and fleece blankets that (I made) they gave to each other.  That night after the kids went to bed Josh wrapped all the gifts and put the kitchen together so the next morning we were all ready for them.  Elizabeth ran straight for her kitchen exclaiming "MY KITCHEN! MY KITCHEN!".  It was adorable.  We even got mini pots and pans for her.  She's always playing with mine when I cook and saying "Mommy!  I make!" so I knew we had to get her her own set.  She got a bunch of dolls from various cartoons and movies, clothes and a movie.  Aaron got board games, another Hot Wheels toy, movies, clothes, books and more Legos of course.

I do want to say this - I am very grateful for all our family that helps us make the kids' birthdays and holidays special.  All the gifts you send, the fact that you think to include them at all in your giving fills me with gratitude.  Sometimes Josh and I think we aren't doing enough all by ourselves but then we'll receive a note or gift for them and I remember they have other people out there for them too.  So thank you.  You are truly appreciated.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season!!  And that 2015 brings you the best of everything!


~The Herrings