Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Please make an appointment

Conversation of the day:

Me:  Aaron, please go get dressed.

Aaron: MOM.  No, I'm very busy and it's not in my schedule.

Me: blank stare

Aaron: I'm very busy playing.  My schedule is very full.

Apparently, my son's schedule is super full.  So if you were planning on visiting him soon you might want to call ahead and make an appointment.   

Monday, March 18, 2013


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Google Reader might be dunzo soon.  So I'm adding myself to Bloglovin'.  Follow me there!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A new venture for us! Submitted for Review:........

Aaron working on his modeling skills.
A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to become an NCircle iNSider!  If you have young children I'm sure you've heard of NCircle Entertainment.  They are the company that puts out some of Aaron's favorite tv programs like Dino Dan, Yo Gabba Gabba and Pocoyo (which I usually have him watch in Espanol).  

Being an NCircle iNSider means that I get sent a DVD every month for Aaron and I to watch together and review.  We're like, super awesome movie critics now!  The first DVD we were sent was Sid the Science Kid: The Movie!  Aaron has watched the cartoon before but this is the first movie from Sid the Science Kid!

The movie was about Sid and his classmate Gabriela who win a contest and get to be part of a small group of kids to visit a brand new science museum before it opens to the public.  The kids meet children from another country, get to see robots, dinosaurs, solar system exhibits and more.  They learn about science and when something goes wrong they learn about teamwork and solve the problem together!  

Aaron was totally entranced during the entire movie.  He paid full attention, laughed out loud at the silly robots and learned new science facts about electricity and the solar system.  When I asked if he liked the movie he said "YES!" and when I asked what his favorite part was he said he loved the part about the dinosaur exhibit.  

As a parent, the biggest lesson I hope Aaron took from the DVD was the lesson about teamwork.  It shows kids how important it can be to work together to solve problems, even if you know plenty of things on your own.  Sometimes seeing things from another point of view can help out!

So, from Aaron and I both the DVD Sid the Science Kid: The Movie! gets 2 thumbs up!  

The movie retails for $12.99 and is available at, or a retailer near you including Toys "R" Us and Target.  


Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Date With Aaron

The only dandelion in the yard.
Blowing and making a wish...
Hoping it comes true.
On Tuesday Aaron and I had a date!  Our special day, just us, on a trip to Arden Fair Mall.  I know, most of you are like Why the heck would you take a toddler to the mall on purpose?  But on Tuesdays Pottery Barn Kids has a free story time!  And this Tuesday was a special St. Patrick's Day themed story and craft.  

So we all got up in the morning, took Elizabeth to Grandpa and Grandmas' and Aaron and I were off to Arden.  We got there a bit early so he was able to explore the store and check out all the cool items - books, stuffed animals, toys.  You'd be surprised how much a little kid would like that place!  

This was our first time and Aaron was a bit shy but he listened to the whole story and during craft he agreed to do it if he could have his own table.  So he drew a leprechaun trap, complete with gold coins and a leprechaun.  Then he made a leprechaun straw to drink out of and left with his crafts and a green beaded necklace.  

Then we walked around the Easter Bunny display in the center of the mall for a bit and headed up to the only store in the mall he's really interested in...... The Disney Store.  We walked around for about 20 minutes while he looked and touched just about everything but exercising patience during this means we can usually leave the store without having to purchase something and so we did!  

Then we went to Nordstrom to eat lunch (seriously, is there anything better?) and got Aaron's feet sized.  (He's now a 10.5 or 11 - WIDE).  They actually had some Keen sandals in stock that fit him and were amazingly under $50 so we got those for him.  I had a gift card that I  never spent from my last birthday and a $20 Nordstrom Note so I left with some adorable shoes too!  Luckily I haven't had a pedicure yet so I didn't dare try on any sandals and spend even more money.  But with the gift card and the Nordstrom Note, I only had to pay 15 cents for my adorable Superga shoes.  I'd say that's a win!

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at Grandpa & Grandmas' house.  I'd say the entire day was a win!  

I just want him to know he's still our special boy.  Love him!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Growing Up Healthy - 4 months

Elizabeth Grace - 4 months old
Elizabeth went for her 4 month check up 2 days ago and baby girl is catching up to her brother quickly!

Lizzy baby is 25 1/4 inches long (85%), 16 1/3 lbs (90%) and her head circumference is 16 3/4 (85%)!  The NP says she's looking great and if we want, we can start her on solids.  I'm not sure we're ready, but Elizabeth sure does smack her lips and lick her chops when anyone eats in front of her!  LOL.  I think once I decide what I want to start on, we might try that soon.

She's currently wearing 6-9 months in clothes but I think in the one pieces (like pjs) we'll have to move to 9 months soon.  She literally went through ONE jumbo box of size 2 diapers and now she is on size 3.  She's definitely going to be in need of new stuff soon.

She still tries super hard to turn over whenever she is on her back, but besides that one time, hasn't been able to do it on her own yet.  She gets just the top half around.  She sits up pretty well with help and she's getting a little bit better at tummy time.  

Elizabeth loves, loves, to laugh at her brother.  She just stares at him and watches him.  And whenever he laughs, so does she.  It's pretty adorable.  I only wish Aaron was more calm, gentle and aware around her.  (sigh)  She loves when anyone sings to her too.  

On March 1st, I moved her into her room finally.  She's been sleeping through the night for some time now, but since we're still missing things in her room (like a proper room/floor lamp & a changing pad cover) I held off on it.  Finally I just decided to make the move and she's been doing so well!  She wakes up happy.  I think that might have something to do with the colorful bedding, pink walls and owl mobile!  Once I feel like the room is complete, I'll have to take some pictures.

Until then........   Hope you all are just as happy and healthy as Elizabeth!  


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Almost Got It!

Elizabeth rolled over to her belly!

Elizabeth has been trying to hard to get moving!  She lifts her butt, she picks her legs up in the air, she tries so hard to roll on her side.  

We do tummy time, but she get so frustrated that it doesn't last long.  She will be ok in the beginning but will end up digging her knees and pushing, scooting herself around.  

I've even woken up the past 3 mornings and she's gone from the position she was sleeping (about 8 inches from the top of the crib) to her head being totally up against the bumper!  And this all happens while she's wrapped in her baby wrap!  It's like a magic trick!  

Well, this morning after a bottle and a short cuddle nap with her in my bed, she woke up and was trying to get her face closer to mine.  I moved back so I could see her and she followed!  At first she was just on her side, but she got their on her own!!  Then I moved even further back and she completed the roll on to her tummy!  Hooray Elizabeth!  We've been waiting!  

Alas, her arm was stuck under her and she couldn't get rolled back on her own, but it's still a pretty big accomplishment, don't you think?