Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Almost Got It!

Elizabeth rolled over to her belly!

Elizabeth has been trying to hard to get moving!  She lifts her butt, she picks her legs up in the air, she tries so hard to roll on her side.  

We do tummy time, but she get so frustrated that it doesn't last long.  She will be ok in the beginning but will end up digging her knees and pushing, scooting herself around.  

I've even woken up the past 3 mornings and she's gone from the position she was sleeping (about 8 inches from the top of the crib) to her head being totally up against the bumper!  And this all happens while she's wrapped in her baby wrap!  It's like a magic trick!  

Well, this morning after a bottle and a short cuddle nap with her in my bed, she woke up and was trying to get her face closer to mine.  I moved back so I could see her and she followed!  At first she was just on her side, but she got their on her own!!  Then I moved even further back and she completed the roll on to her tummy!  Hooray Elizabeth!  We've been waiting!  

Alas, her arm was stuck under her and she couldn't get rolled back on her own, but it's still a pretty big accomplishment, don't you think?