Monday, December 21, 2015

Today I woke up to a 7 year old

I don't know why 7 years seems so much older than 6 when you say it, but it does. At least to this mama anyway.

Today is Aarons 7th birthday. Most of the time he still seems like a little boy. My chubby baby boy. But little things, like two days ago when he decided he was hungry and got up to make his own peanut butter & jelly sandwich - without prompting or instruction! - show me that he's maturing. 

We struggle with things - sometimes I feel we struggle so much - but I have to remind myself that he's just a little boy. It's hard to give him those allowances and still expect him to be grow into a respectful adult. Balance. 

But he's so smart and he has such a kind and sensitive heart. 

Every day I think I'm messing up. I'm not parenting right. But all I can do is what I believe is best and hope that he turns out even better than we all know he is, than we know he can be. 

Happy 7th Birthday, Aaron! 
We love you!