Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're walking and we're talking

My Chubbas - 15 months old now. He's walking all on his own, just like I predicted in my last post. Aaron weighs around 28 lbs, wears sizes 18 months - 2T and we had his feet measured again and he's a 5 WIDE! We'll be visiting Stride Rite soon to get some proper walking shoes for the little guy!

Aaron also drank from a straw for the first time today! :)

Aaron has also added a few more words to his vocabulary besides "No no no!". LOL! Aaron pretty much refers to all vehicles as "trucks". He's been calling his grandma Yvette "mama", he says "agua" (water), "nanana" (banana), "app" (apple), and he makes animal noises!! I can ask "What does a lion say?" and he says "RAWR"! It's the cutest thing ever! He also does a rooster, cow, duck and is just learning monkey.

Right now Aaron and I are in California visiting Grandma Yvette and tia Eva and so we get to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors. He played in the sprinkler for the first time and *loved* it! He also walked on the sidewalk for the first time just holding my hand and he was so enthralled with everything around him!

Aaron is also off jar food for the most part (unless I get really lazy) and he just eats whatever we are eating. There isn't really much he won't eat. I still have him on 2-3 bottles a day but I think when I get home I'm going to switch to sippys totally. I know we're probably behind on the sippy thing but I don't have anyone to tell me these things in Seattle! :P

We are all enjoying him and I'll try and update more often!!