Monday, March 14, 2016

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make us happy

Once upon a time a young couple got married at the courthouse. No dress, no tux, moms wedding rings and a last minute phone call to two friends to serve as witnesses. That also meant no wedding registry. 

After Josh and I married, we combined our single life household items and have pretty much lived with the same stuff ever since. As you can imagine, after a few moves and 2 kids, our things are stained, chipped, mismatched and in a general state of mess. 

Occasionally when we had extra money, I'd buy a new set of towels or sheets. But nothing, NOTHING, has been nearly as exciting as picking out new dishes. 
I know, you probably think I'm weird or at the very least, joking but NAY! I say! Nay! I LOVED PICKING OUT OUR DISHES AND THEN FINALLY GETTING THEM DELIVERED TODAY!! Of course it's just "casual dinnerware" because seriously, who needs china now a days, except for maybe the President. Amirite? 

So this morning I woke up to yummy cupcakes that Josh brought me from the city last night and a delivery of my new plates! I was SO HAPPY! And we both love our plates! Not to mention the rare time Josh and I got to spend alone together, shopping for plates. 

My mom came to stay with us while we Aaron was recovering from a tonsillectomy. She came to help and stayed for 2 weeks and I'm super thankful. And the kids loved it. Aaron was psyched to have a roommate (haha) and Elizabeth wants to go back with her to visit her and grandpa. 

Aaron is doing well and recovering better than I expected, so I am thrilled. This should help with his breathing and sleep but we're also hoping it will help with his articulation and overall focus. Crossing my fingers! 

Aaron will have one more week at home before he goes back to school but I think we both needed a school break anyway! LOL! Hopefully we'll do a project or two before he goes back. 

Just a quick update for you all and hopefully you're all doing well. Next big household item on the list: knives! Leave your suggestions in the comments! 😃