Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where does he get this stuff?!

Seriously, I just don't know where he gets this stuff but it's hilarious!

After taking off Josh's hat:
Dadda, you're a mess!

Watching the sun set:
The sun is sinking.

His new favorite thing to say to me whenever I walk into the room:
Momma, get back in the kitchen!

When I was holding him:
I'm a boooooy.  I'm a boy.  And you're a girl!

After hearing his belly growl:
Momma, I'm hungry.

Every day, at least once:
OW!  I have a booboo.  You've got to kiss it!

At every single meal:
Are you all done?

Anytime he falls down:
I'm okay!
He saw a spider web today and said:
Yucky!  That's a yucky!  I wanna take it to the trash can!

This boy, I tell you -- He's just adorable!  Everyday he says something new and funny.