Saturday, November 8, 2014

Costumes, Candy & Cake

Princess Elizabeth Grace turns 2!
Elizabeth Grace turned 2!  I can't believe how fast time flies!  She's the spunkiest little princess around!  Since Elizabeth loves the movie Frozen we had a Frozen themed "party".  It's just us 4 so... not so much a party, but it did include pizza cake and presents!  Tia Eva bought Elizabeth a Princess Anna dress to wear on her birthday and she loved it!  After Aaron got out of school, we all went for pizza (one of her favorites) and then home for a yummy Frozen cake and presents!  

Frozen themed confetti cake
Besides her adorable dress, she got a pop up play tent and Anna & Elsa dolls.  Her grandparents Coblentz & tias sent her more Disney princess dolls & her grandparents Weigel sent money for new pjs & clothes!  (Which she totally needs because even though we get awesome hand-me-downs from my friends and cousin, we somehow got totally skipped over for size 3!  And her size 2 pants are getting a little bit too tight!!)  

Jumping right from her birthday celebration into Halloween prep - we went to the pumpkin patch one weekend and spent the day there having fun and picking out way too many pumpkins.  But bonus, they look awesome on my porch and since Aaron didn't want to carve them, I can leave them up through Thanksgiving (assuming they last)!  

Months ago we had asked Aaron what he wanted to be for Halloween and he choose Peter Pan and he wanted us all to go as Pan characters.  So we ordered Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes from the Disney Store and Captain Hook and Wendy costumes from Amazon.  You'd be amazed at how hard it is to find a stinkin' Wendy Darling costume!  OMG.  I only found one (literally) and it came in a "one size fits all" so of course I was nervous about ordering it.  Not to mention it didn't even completely look like Wendy's nightgown!  But we didn't want to disappoint the kids so it was what it was, right?  

I even taught him the Peter Pan stance!
Captain Hook!
 Tinkerbell is taking off!
The kids had so much fun.  Aaron got to wear his costume all day at school and was in a Halloween parade which we all went to to watch him!  Then family fun trick or treating!  The kids had so much fun and one of the neighbors even had a band in their garage so at the end of the night we all hung out and danced for a little bit.  Then we let Aaron pick out a few pieces of candy he wanted to keep and the rest went to Josh's work.

And now that it's officially turkey season, we're thinking about our very first Thanksgiving by ourselves.  And beyond that Aaron's birthday and Christmas loom in the back of our minds.  The weather is finally starting to get a bit cooler, especially during the evening but today was the first day I walked outside and it actually felt like Fall.  I'm hoping it cools down for the rest of late autumn before Thanksgiving!  

Hope you all had a ghoulishly fantastic Halloween!  Hugs from the Herrings.