Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 month check up

Hooray! Aaron is 6 months old and doing wonderfully, thank you for asking! :)

Height: 27 inches - 50-75th percentile
Weight: 20 lbs 14 oz - 75-90th percentile

Head: 44.4 cm - 75 percentile

As you can see, the boy loves to eat! His doctor said he's definitely going to be getting in his 4 top teeth soon (yes, 4!) and so I bought one of those feeding nets ...... I guess it's called a
Fresh Food Feeder because you can put ice chips in there too, but also we're introducing him to jarred baby food and this way way can give him fresh fruit instead of jarred all the time.

Also, Aaron will need the next car seat soon and man, those things are expensive. One of my best girlfriends in Sacramento won't let me get anything less than a
Britax (*wink, wink* Steph!) since they're the top safety rated care seats so I guess we're gonna have to start saving for that.

SO, I've decided to post a list on the right column of things Aaron uses on a regular basis or will be needing soon because I actually do get asked this question. Mostly by grandparents and great-grandparents, but this way you will all know in case you're feeling generous towards your poor, soon to be jobless niece/cousin/granddaughter/sister/daughter! :) Yeah, I went there.

The good (great) news is that Aaron is doing just wonderfully and I would think it safe to say that his acid reflux has been gone for awhile! He's sitting up and just recently started to roll over thanks to Grandma Yvette's help. He seems to be right on schedule!

Until next time! ((HUGS)) to you all!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day & Half Birthday!

Sunday was Aaron's half birthday and Josh's first Father's Day! I let Josh sleep in until 12 noon (because that's his favorite thing to do!) and then after a yummy breakfast that mom kindly made us, Josh and I packed up Aaron and walked to the Ballard Locks to watch The Elliot Bay Pipe Band (as in bagpipes). Aaron
loves to be outside so we had no trouble with him, walking him through the park. We found a big tree and sat under it because it was kind of overcast and we weren't sure that it wasn't going to rain. Luckily, it didn't.

Aaron fell asleep in Josh's lap before the band even really began and he slept through most of it. But it was so fun to be in the park with a bunch of other families and kids and to experience that as new parents.
Aaron finally woke up towards the end of the performance I decided to change him (ok, it was more like Josh said "MAN, something stinks!") so off to the bathroom we went. First time ever changing him in a public restroom. That, my friends, was and adventure. I was tempted to just change him right there on the grass in front of God and all, but we could tell he kinda of had a blowout so..... small, cramped public restroom it was. BTW, I now understand the importance the paper towel option in a rest room. Because seriously, sometimes wipes just aren't enough.

Anywho.... after that we walked around the park, went to the locks, showed Aaron the big boats, the fish ladder and then walked back home. It was a really pleasant day. We got back home and I put Aaron down for a nap and then I took mom to Larsen's Bakery and we got some cookies and a yummy apple twist for all of us to share. We also brought a pizza home for dinner and that was Josh's first Father's Day! :) I think it was lovely.

Happy Father's Day to all my uncles and cousins who are dads and of course, to my daddy! Love you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have a seat, please.

Aaron sat up for the first time by himself Sunday night! We had him propped up on the couch and all the sudden he stretched his hands out and sat up! We couldn't believe it! Mom, Josh and I all gathered around him and watched him do it over and over again, clapping each time he did it and yelling "YEEEEAAAAH!". It was amazing!

Aaron weighs 19 pounds now and is mostly in 9 month clothing. He's also got his 2 bottom teeth coming in so he's a little cranky about that now and then. Good news is he's not cranky about the reflux or gas anymore and today we're moving him back to the regular Enfamil formula instead of the Gentlease.

He's doing wonderfully other than the teeth and he's growing fast.
This is were I ask "Where's the pause button?"!