Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have a seat, please.

Aaron sat up for the first time by himself Sunday night! We had him propped up on the couch and all the sudden he stretched his hands out and sat up! We couldn't believe it! Mom, Josh and I all gathered around him and watched him do it over and over again, clapping each time he did it and yelling "YEEEEAAAAH!". It was amazing!

Aaron weighs 19 pounds now and is mostly in 9 month clothing. He's also got his 2 bottom teeth coming in so he's a little cranky about that now and then. Good news is he's not cranky about the reflux or gas anymore and today we're moving him back to the regular Enfamil formula instead of the Gentlease.

He's doing wonderfully other than the teeth and he's growing fast.
This is were I ask "Where's the pause button?"!


Sara said...

he's so adorable! keep up the good work, Aaron!