Sunday, May 17, 2009

First trip to the park

Aaron has had a lot of new developments lately!

One, as you can see above, I realized that he's big enough to actually sit in his stroller without the car seat! Such a big boy!

Two, Aaron can hold his own bottle now basically. I mean, he grabs it with his fits most of the time instead of his open palms, but he holds it on his own! Such a big boy!

Three, I put Aaron in his swing this morning and he literally pulled himself up on his own and sat up in the chair!!! All on his own! Such a big boy!

Four, we (my mom, Josh & I) took Aaron to visit a friend in Des Moines on Saturday. She owns the Des Moines Dog House and Aaron actually lasted the entire visit without fussing once! He was actually really happy the whole time and seemed to take really well to Tammy (the owner). We all sat down and ate hot dogs and he was just a happy chubby baby, checking everything out. Then, we came back to Ballard and went to Golden Gardens for Aaron's first visit to the park. He saw the sound, the sand and all the people. Trust me, there were TONS of people because it was a sunny day in Seattle. AND he touched grass for the first time. Didn't start to fuss until the very end and that's because he had a dirty diaper.

Overall, Aaron's doing a lot better though and he's so much bigger now, it's crazy! We went and visited some old friends who have a 1 year old and he actually was BIGGER than their 1 year old! Granted, their 1 year old was a small boy (he was only in the 2 percentile!) and Aaron is kinda hefty, so I'm sure that made the difference seem even greater, but they litterally weighed the same weight! Hehehe!
But we're all doing well. Mom is helping out while I'm back at work until the end of next month so I'm starting to look for day care or a nanny. Wish us luck with that!!

Hope you're all well too!

Love & hugs, The Herrings.


Nicole said...

Great pics Adriane! Before you know it you will be chasing him all over everywhere!

OHmommy said...

awwww.... I love the picture of baby and daddy!