Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 is my favorite number

SURPRISE!  I'm pregnant!  Baby #2 is on it's way and should arrive at the end of October.  I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  My fatigue isn't nearly has bad as it was the first time around but even that is starting to fade.  With Aaron, I was literally falling asleep at my desk during the first trimester!  I would even go to my car during my lunch and take a nap!  It was insane.  This time fatigue and "pregnancy brain" (it's totally a real thing) aren't as bad and that's great!  The not-so-great was that I showed WAY earlier with this one than I did with Aaron and I'm already looking big, though I'm only 4 months at this point.  Hopefully it's just a second pregnancy thing.

Aaron knows there's a "baby in my belly" and he knows the girls name already.  We don't have a boys name picked out yet, but we're working on it.  We won't find out the gender of the baby for a few more weeks though and I think it's no surprise, I'd like to even things out in this household.  Even the dog is a boy!  But anything that is healthy and pink and has all it's limbs will be alright with us!

Right now we're looking for a larger place but so far we've had haven't had the best luck.  I'm still working on it though.  I'm still at work full-time and will probably be so until the end again, though I'm not sure I'll work as long this time.  Last time I worked until December 19th and Aaron was born on December 21st.  This time around, I think I won't push it.  I have a feeling it might have been a subconscious thing.  I wasn't relaxed enough until I stopped working. 

But Aaron eventually got here and now he's 3!  He is past my waist now in height.  He still loves most of the same things -- reading, music, cars (well, any vehicle), animals and now you can add dinosaurs.  He also got his first multi-player game -- Hungry, Hungry Hippos!  He's playing it right now with Josh.  Though he's not really quite clear on the rules of the game yet, he loves to play it!  

Aaron loves being with his grandparents everyday though he's missing his grandpa lately since he went back to work.  This morning he asked "Grandpa, are you staying?" when I went to drop him off and pick dad up.  But he also knows that his daddy comes and picks up him at 4 pm.  He knows that 8 pm is "ni-night time" and best of all........ (drum roll please)..............................
Aaron is potty trained!  HOLLA!!!!!  
Really, he's still wearing pull-ups at night in case of accidents but he is usually dry the next morning and he even wakes us up sometimes in the middle of the night to go potty!  It's all very exciting and something everyone worked hard on.  Thanks Grandma Yvette & Grandpa Howard!

So the Herring household has been through some exciting changes since our last update and I'm glad I could share them with you even though it took awhile this time around.  The truth is, I was laying low the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy and the first doctor visit was, well, terrible.  Perhaps someday I'll write about it, but the important part is that everything turned out fine and the pregnancy is going well.  Let's hope it stays that way!