Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Living with a toddler

Playing with Pooh.
Earlier this morning after a shower and getting dressed.....

Me: Aaron, go into your bathroom so we can brush your teeth and hair.

Aaron: Noooooooooo moooooommmmm!  I don't want to brush my teeth!  I'm playing right now!!

Me: Why are you whinning?  You have to brush your teeth and hair everyday.  Let's go!

Aaron: But mmmmooommmmmmm!!!!!!  I don't want to!!!  I'm playing!

Me: Aaron, c'mon!  We do this everyday!  

So we brush his teeth and hair.  Then I say:

Me: Ok, you can go back into your room now and play with your toys.

Aaron: WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY????????  WHY do I have to go in my room and play with my toys mom?!  

OMG, this must be what living with a bi-polar person is like.    

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This guy cracks me up

This morning I felt like being a good mom and, you know, feeding everyone.  I made Aaron scrabbled eggs, toast and put some yogurt on the side.  For some reason Aaron still wants to eat everything with his hands even though he's 4 years old so half the stuff still ends up on the floor.  And so we had this conversation this morning:

Aaron, you should try not to drop eggs on the floor because Ulrich is allergic to chicken.

Eggs are chicken?!!!

Yes Aaron, eggs are baby chickens.

So I'm eating baby chicken?!  (Hands on throat and gag face)
Eggs are baby chicken?!  *Gag Gag!*  You mean like, gobble gobble, baby chicken?

Aaron, you eat chicken from the store!  That's chicken - what do you think that is?!  And no actually - a turkey says gobble gobble.  

Well what does a chicken say?

Chickens go more like cluck cluck.

Oh.  Ok.  

And he finished his entire breakfast.  Baby chickens and all.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day in Pictures

Valentine's Day Card from us to Aaron.  It read: I love you with every appendage I have.
Aaron's Valentine's Day Lunch.  Heart-shaped PB&J and some of his favorite fruit.
Aaron enjoying his lunch.  His card and Sweetheart Candies (from Elizabeth) are waiting to be opened!
Elizabeth Grace wore her Valentine outfit for Daddy!  Isn't she the cutest?!
And after a wonderful afternoon, I dropped the kiddos off to spend the rest of their Valentine's Day with their grandparents.  Josh and I had a date to see A Good Day to Die Hard (my choice!) and eat some yummy dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill.  Yeah, I know it's basically a step up from the Olive Garden but .... we poor, y'all.  And you know what?  It was the best date we've had in a super, super long time!  

The movie was kick-ass and the theater basically empty (bonus!).  And after we were told the wait at the restaurant would be an hour and a half, I situated us right between the front door and the bar seating area (first come, first serve of course).  After 10 minutes of using my super awesome stealthy observation skills, we had procured ourselves a small booth!  Seriously, bar seating is like a sport to me!  And I rarely lose!!  Haha!  

We had a really good appetizer of fried mac n' cheese with truffle sauce & fresh bruschetta.  Josh had a beer and the chicken parmesan and I had a peach bellini (yum!) and the lobster ravioli.  Then we split the quattro cannoli for dessert and I had a vanilla latte.  Everything was delish and our waiter was pretty awesome considering he had some douchebag asshat who had been sitting by the bar waiting for his own table (drinking the entire time) who decided he wanted to yell at our waiter because it was taking so long for OTHER RANDOM PEOPLE HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW to be served.  He went on about he could "run the joint", etc.  You know - that guy.  PS - we got our table at the bar while this guy was busy being an asshole.  So there!

Then we went to pick up our munchkins and I was able (ok, I tried) to take this fun family photo before everyone was sent to bed!  

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope your Valentine's Day was just as awesome!  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just an adorable video of my adorable baby

Elizabeth trying to sit up on her own.  This has just started the past couple of days.  She even does it in her car seat!