Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Living with a toddler

Playing with Pooh.
Earlier this morning after a shower and getting dressed.....

Me: Aaron, go into your bathroom so we can brush your teeth and hair.

Aaron: Noooooooooo moooooommmmm!  I don't want to brush my teeth!  I'm playing right now!!

Me: Why are you whinning?  You have to brush your teeth and hair everyday.  Let's go!

Aaron: But mmmmooommmmmmm!!!!!!  I don't want to!!!  I'm playing!

Me: Aaron, c'mon!  We do this everyday!  

So we brush his teeth and hair.  Then I say:

Me: Ok, you can go back into your room now and play with your toys.

Aaron: WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY????????  WHY do I have to go in my room and play with my toys mom?!  

OMG, this must be what living with a bi-polar person is like.