Saturday, February 16, 2013

This guy cracks me up

This morning I felt like being a good mom and, you know, feeding everyone.  I made Aaron scrabbled eggs, toast and put some yogurt on the side.  For some reason Aaron still wants to eat everything with his hands even though he's 4 years old so half the stuff still ends up on the floor.  And so we had this conversation this morning:

Aaron, you should try not to drop eggs on the floor because Ulrich is allergic to chicken.

Eggs are chicken?!!!

Yes Aaron, eggs are baby chickens.

So I'm eating baby chicken?!  (Hands on throat and gag face)
Eggs are baby chicken?!  *Gag Gag!*  You mean like, gobble gobble, baby chicken?

Aaron, you eat chicken from the store!  That's chicken - what do you think that is?!  And no actually - a turkey says gobble gobble.  

Well what does a chicken say?

Chickens go more like cluck cluck.

Oh.  Ok.  

And he finished his entire breakfast.  Baby chickens and all.