Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pocoyo's World: Our Review

Pocoyo's World Review
Aaron and I were sent Pocoyo's World by NCircle Entertainment to enjoy and review this month.

First of all, this is an easy sell for both of us because we both love Pocoyo.  Aaron first watched Pocoyo on Univision en Espanol.  I immediately loved the face that Aaron was so interested in something in the Spanish language.  It was simple and easy for him to understand.  Aaron loved the cartoon from the start.

In this new Pocoyo DVD: Pocoyo's World, you enjoy twelve mini adventures with Pocoyo and his friends.  You can watch the dvd in either English or Spanish (we chose Spanish, of course) which is definitely a bonus if you ask me!  If you want your child to get used to the sounds, words and inflections of another language this is the way to do it!  They will still be interested because A) it's a cartoon and B) the Pocoyo series is so easy and simple to understand, with or without your language.  

That's the main reason we like Pocoyo so much.  It's such a simple concept.  It's like playtime in cartoon form.  It helps children to use their imagination, teaches them to share and figure out solutions, all while going on an adventure.

Aaron watched the entire dvd with great pleasure and then immediately wanted to watch it again with his dad when he got home from work.  In fact, Aaron's been watching it all weekendHis favorite episode is A Dog's Life in which Pocoyo takes turns acting like all of his friends.  He even gets up and acts right along with Pocoyo!  

If you've never seen an episode of Pocoyo, I highly recommend taking your kids on an adventure with Pocoyo and his friends Elly the elephant, Pato the duck, Loula the dog and Sleepy Bird the birdy.  It's fun for children of all ages!

Aaron and I both give the new Pocoyo dvd two thumbs up!

You can buy the newest Pocoyo dvd at all major retailers on May 21, 2013.  The disc retails for $12.99.  


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy 6 Month Birthday Little Lizzy Grace!

Elizabeth Grace - 6 months old
Today Elizabeth turns 6 months old!  Look at that smiley chubba face!  Last time we checked, she was around 17 lbs.  She's snugly wearing a size 6-9 months (snug in a 6, comfortable in a 9).  Her hair is still lighter than Aaron's, her eyes are still figuring themselves out I guess.  They change from blue, to grey, to green to hazel.  I'm not sure they've figured themselves out yet!  Her first tooth has just broken through on the bottom and I wouldn't have even known had I not stuck my finger in there for her to gnaw on!  She's such a good baby!

Elizabeth is rolling around all over the place.  She does tummy time so well now and even tries to push herself forward.  So now I have the challenge of making sure all of Aaron's little plastic toys are up before I put Elizabeth on the floor anywhere.  She rolls from one side of her mat to the other and loves to try and grab her feet & toes.  I think she's determined to get them in her mouth! 

She is just such a happy baby.  She loves to smile at her family.  Loves to laugh at her brother.  She loves it when you sing to her and greets you with a smile (almost) every morning.  She is our joy.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Elizabeth Grace!  We love you!!!  XOXOXO


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vampire Aaron

Vampire Aaron
A: Mom, where do vampires come from?

Me: Well Aaron, vampires haven't really been proven to actually exist but if they did, they supposedly originated from Transylvania, which is in Romania, which is in Europe.

A: Well MOM, I want to be a vampire.  I want to be a vampire so I can turn into a bat when I sleep.  But that means I have to be bitten by a vampire.  

Me: Yes, I guess it does.

A: So I want to go to Transylvania but you have to come with me to protect me.

Me: Protect you from what?  

A: Vampires!

Me: Well, buddy, you can't become a vampire if you're scared of vampires!  That's silly.  

A: Well, I want you to go with me anyway.

Me: Ok, sure.  I've always wanted to go to Transylvania.

Like mother, like son I suppose.  

5 minutes later.......

A: Mom, where is Transylvania again?

Me: Europe.


What a goofball!  Vampire Goofball -- I guess.