Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vampire Aaron

Vampire Aaron
A: Mom, where do vampires come from?

Me: Well Aaron, vampires haven't really been proven to actually exist but if they did, they supposedly originated from Transylvania, which is in Romania, which is in Europe.

A: Well MOM, I want to be a vampire.  I want to be a vampire so I can turn into a bat when I sleep.  But that means I have to be bitten by a vampire.  

Me: Yes, I guess it does.

A: So I want to go to Transylvania but you have to come with me to protect me.

Me: Protect you from what?  

A: Vampires!

Me: Well, buddy, you can't become a vampire if you're scared of vampires!  That's silly.  

A: Well, I want you to go with me anyway.

Me: Ok, sure.  I've always wanted to go to Transylvania.

Like mother, like son I suppose.  

5 minutes later.......

A: Mom, where is Transylvania again?

Me: Europe.


What a goofball!  Vampire Goofball -- I guess.