Monday, June 25, 2012

Settling In..........

Aaron at Morse Park

Aw, Aaron and water parks.  He can never resist the water, even on a cloudy day.  He loves water and has been to water parks since he was a wee little babe (as evidenced here: Flickr).

This past Friday I took the day off and spent it with Aaron (translation: mom & dad were out of town).  We met Josh downtown for lunch and then headed to this park I heard about from other mommies in the area.  It was a really nice, well manicured park with a play area for big kids and another for little ones.  And it has this really awesome water feature area that runs every day!  Since the day was a bit cooler and overcast, the park was virtually empty but that didn't stop Aaron one bit.  He played on all the big kid equipment and even went down the big slide all by himself!  He stopped for some playtime in the water and then went back to the slide and bridges.  After the park and a quick change of clothes in the parking lot, we went to get some yummy Pinkberry.  It was a great afternoon!

The 3 of us (and Ulrich of course) have made a successful move from our apartment into a house we just rented.  We are very excited to be able to have a bedroom for baby #2 AND another for Aaron and a nice yard for everyone!  We've been busy unpacking and updating and rearranging things and pretty soon it will start to feel more and more like home. 

A few weeks ago I went in for my big ultrasound and now we know that baby #2 is a GIRL!  We are very, very excited and having been planning the nursery.  We've registered at Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids.  I am feeling good and things are progressing well with the pregnancy.  I couldn't ask for anything better right now! 

Aaron knows baby girls name and that he'll be a big brother soon.  He tells his grandparents that the baby will pop out on Halloween!  He also says that baby girl is going to share all her toys with him!  I can see where this is heading already............  oh brother!  Anyone have any advice on preparing baby #1 for baby #2?  LOL!

Hope you're all doing just as well! 

Hugs & Kisses from The Herrings!