Sunday, May 26, 2013

Aaron Time

Aaron enjoying his frozen yogurt.
This morning I was in the kitchen putting away dishes, making coffee, getting ready to make breakfast.  I hear Aaron say something from the other room, but he often talks to himself (being an only child for 4 years basically).  Then he says:

A: Mom, I SAAAID I'm hungry!

Me: Ok, what do you want?  I'm about to make breakfast.  Do you want a frozen yogurt?

A: Oh yes.  

The water starts to boil so I stop putting away the dishes, go to the stove and turn off the burner and just as I'm lifting the kettle.....


Me: (laughing) OK DUDE!  Hold on!  I'm getting it!

I guess Aaron is taking a lesson from his impatient momma.  I have what I refer to as "Adriane time".  I.E. - things need to get done on "Adriane time" (which means immediately) and not on "Josh time" which is usually 3 or 4 days later.  Now we'll being dealing with "Aaron time" too!!  Haha!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

These little fish are growing

Eating solids - 6 months
Elizabeth went in for her 6 month check up and boy, is this chick growing!  Elizabeth is 19 lbs (90%), 27 1/2 inches (95%), head circumference of 17 3/4 (98%), wears a size 3 diaper, size 9 month clothing and 12 month in pjs!  Big girl!

We have just started her on solids and are still not quite on a regular schedule with it.  She seems to want it sometimes and then not others.  And sometimes it's just like she has no idea what to do with it.  But we're going to keep trying!  I've only tried the rice cereal once, but have tried a few of the fruit and fruit combo organic baby food and have given her mashed up bananas at home and organic apple sauce.  

Elizabeth's teeth are coming in and her mouth is hurting baaaaaad right now.  She has the bottom two already poked through and I'm pretty sure the top left one is coming through too.  It looks like we might have another Aaron on our hands.  He got all of his teeth super quick and close to each other (time wise).  We having teething toys, rings for the freezer and I give her wet wash clothes (frozen and non) to help her.  We also use the teething tablets and I have a teething bracelet that a cousin gave me.  She pretty much chews up anything she can, including me and Josh!

Even with all this though, she's a pretty happy baby!

Blowing in the wind.
Aaron is also doing pretty well, though extremely bored at home with mama and baby.  We're hoping perhaps he can start at public pre-school this coming school year.  He's happy to have his daddy home these past few days and even that has changed his behavior a little (very little) bit.

Today, separately and without knowing, Josh and I both asked Aaron what he wanted to be when he grew up.  When I asked it was at the dinner table and we were all there.  At first he said he wanted to be an elephant.  So when I explained to him what I meant by the question, and gave him several examples he settled on veterinarian.  After going over it again and again in his head a few times, I think he liked the idea even more and reconfirmed this great idea to us.  When he grows up to be like, 8 yrs old, he wants to be an elephant.  But then after that, a vet for sure!  He says he might even have to live in the forest because he'll have too many animals to take care of.  He loves animals, watches Planet Earth over and over again, knows the names of really strange and random animals and dinosaurs and even knows if they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.  I think he'd be a wonderful vet!  Now if only we could get him to stop chasing the dog!!!!