Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dino Dan: Dino Party - Our Review

Dino Dan!  Dino Party Review
This month our NCircle iNsider review is of Dino Dan!  Dino Dan is a television show that comes out of Canada (eh?).  Aaron loves Dino Dan and can name pretty much any dinosaur that comes his way.  Trust me, he knows more about dinos than you do.  Unless you're a paleontologist, that is.

In this dvd you'll find five dino-riffic episodes of Dino Dan.  Dan is a young boy who wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.  In each episode he comes across a dino mystery in which he uses the scientific method to find clues and solve his dino dilemmas, all while learning about dinosaurs along the way.  Dan is the only one that can see these dinosaurs but he usually has friends and family helping him along.

If your child is really into animals and/or dinosaurs they will really enjoy this new Dino Dan dvd.  Aaron loved all of the episodes (his favorite was the Dino Party episode) and watched the dvd 2 days in row.  He even loves the extras because you learn real facts from a paleontologist!   

You can pick up Dino Dan: Dino Party at or at a retailer near you, including Toys "R" Us and Target on 6/11/13.  The dvd retails for $12.99.  


Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Happiest Place On Earth

Aaron meeting Mickey for the first time!

 Well, after talking about it and wishing for it we finally got to take Aaron to Disneyland for the first time!  It wasn't under the exact circumstances we wanted and it was only for one day, but we had a wonderful time!

In the beginning of May Josh got laid off from his job.  We knew it was coming because they are closing their Sacramento location and it was just a matter of time.  So when it finally happened I think there was a mixture of emotions.  After we let it sink in for a few days, I decided to make some lemonade with our lemons and spoke to Josh about going to SoCal for a week.  This was the time if any (besides not having the funds) to go down and visit family, introduce the kids finally, and if we were lucky..... take Aaron on his first Disney adventure!

After talking with family we made our plans and off we went!  We had a really great time visiting with family.  The kids got to meet most of my mom's family for the first time including my grandma GG!  And they got to meet a cousin on my dad's side too.  Aaron had so much fun with his cousins and so many people to pay attention to him he was in heaven!  We took the kids to the beach.  Elizabeth's first time ever!  And even though Aaron has been to Golden Gardens in Seattle, I'd consider this his *real* first trip to the beach.  Elizabeth was so relaxed and Aaron was having so much fun he didn't want to leave!  

Thankfully, I have a wonderful family who were kind enough to let us stay with them (in fact, we got multiple offers) and my aunt Bea was so super awesome to babysit Elizabeth on the day we took Aaron to Disneyland.  AND, since we were newly unemployed (and HOLY CRAP THE PARK HOPPER ONE DAY PASSES ARE RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE) my grandma GG very graciously paid for the 3 of us to get in.  

Now, as a 35 year old California native, I still love Disneyland.  Like, I love it for myself.  I want to go and ride every. single. ride.  I want to visit the parks multiple days in a row.  I want to eat 5 churros a day and eat crappy food at the park for outrages prices.  YES.  I want it all.  I want the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt for $75 (I call that being swindled and pimped) and that neon light stick thingy that swirls so I can wave it around during the light parade.  I want to race around and grab Fast Passes for all the cool rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain (OK -- all the mountains) and then in between ride all the cute nostalgic rides like Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the Storybrook Ride.  YEAH.  I know that park like the back of my hand, yo.  I'm excited just writing this damn paragraph.  But I digress.....

Aaron.  We took our son to experience the wonderful world of Disney for the first time.  Before we got there I was thinking to myself... Man, I hope I don't get annoyed that all I'm doing is riding kiddy rides.  But as soon as we got off that freeway I knew it was all for him.  He was so excited to be there!  We never told him we were going so when we got off the freeway I asked him "Hey, do you know where we are right now?" and as he looked around he said "No, BUT THAT WAY IS DISNEYLAND!".  It was so cute.  

We went to California Adventure first because we knew he'd love Radiator Springs and all the Cars rides.  Which he did!  (PS - The main car racing ride.... Definitely a fast pass ride if you can get it).  We actually spent more time in Cars Land than we'd planned to so we went to Disneyland a bit late and didn't get to ride as many rides that I would have liked him to experience but we seemed to get the important things in.  He wanted to met Mickey and we did that successfully in Toon Town.  And he got to see a character parade and he absolutely loved it!  The look on his face was priceless!  

I am so glad (and grateful to my family for helping us make this happen) that we got to take him - just me and Josh - to make this memory.  It's something I'll always remember and I hope he will too.  

Here are all the pictures on our California Adventure:  FLICKR.  

Thanks to all my family for helping us out in all sorts of ways.  Can't wait for our next adventure!