Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy 6 Month Birthday Little Lizzy Grace!

Elizabeth Grace - 6 months old
Today Elizabeth turns 6 months old!  Look at that smiley chubba face!  Last time we checked, she was around 17 lbs.  She's snugly wearing a size 6-9 months (snug in a 6, comfortable in a 9).  Her hair is still lighter than Aaron's, her eyes are still figuring themselves out I guess.  They change from blue, to grey, to green to hazel.  I'm not sure they've figured themselves out yet!  Her first tooth has just broken through on the bottom and I wouldn't have even known had I not stuck my finger in there for her to gnaw on!  She's such a good baby!

Elizabeth is rolling around all over the place.  She does tummy time so well now and even tries to push herself forward.  So now I have the challenge of making sure all of Aaron's little plastic toys are up before I put Elizabeth on the floor anywhere.  She rolls from one side of her mat to the other and loves to try and grab her feet & toes.  I think she's determined to get them in her mouth! 

She is just such a happy baby.  She loves to smile at her family.  Loves to laugh at her brother.  She loves it when you sing to her and greets you with a smile (almost) every morning.  She is our joy.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Elizabeth Grace!  We love you!!!  XOXOXO