Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day & Half Birthday!

Sunday was Aaron's half birthday and Josh's first Father's Day! I let Josh sleep in until 12 noon (because that's his favorite thing to do!) and then after a yummy breakfast that mom kindly made us, Josh and I packed up Aaron and walked to the Ballard Locks to watch The Elliot Bay Pipe Band (as in bagpipes). Aaron
loves to be outside so we had no trouble with him, walking him through the park. We found a big tree and sat under it because it was kind of overcast and we weren't sure that it wasn't going to rain. Luckily, it didn't.

Aaron fell asleep in Josh's lap before the band even really began and he slept through most of it. But it was so fun to be in the park with a bunch of other families and kids and to experience that as new parents.
Aaron finally woke up towards the end of the performance I decided to change him (ok, it was more like Josh said "MAN, something stinks!") so off to the bathroom we went. First time ever changing him in a public restroom. That, my friends, was and adventure. I was tempted to just change him right there on the grass in front of God and all, but we could tell he kinda of had a blowout so..... small, cramped public restroom it was. BTW, I now understand the importance the paper towel option in a rest room. Because seriously, sometimes wipes just aren't enough.

Anywho.... after that we walked around the park, went to the locks, showed Aaron the big boats, the fish ladder and then walked back home. It was a really pleasant day. We got back home and I put Aaron down for a nap and then I took mom to Larsen's Bakery and we got some cookies and a yummy apple twist for all of us to share. We also brought a pizza home for dinner and that was Josh's first Father's Day! :) I think it was lovely.

Happy Father's Day to all my uncles and cousins who are dads and of course, to my daddy! Love you!


Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy said...

They are both gorgeous. You're so lucky. Sleeping until noon is also one of my favorite things to do. Not that I get to do it often, but still. I do cherish it.