Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aaron is one popular dude

Hey there!

Well, Aaron has had a very busy couple of weeks. Many visitors and many new places! A few weekends ago our cousins from Sacramento came up to visit us and Aaron had his first visit to Pike's Place Market! There was LOTS of things to see and do there.

The weekend before last, his auntie Melanie came to visit him and she got to spend all day hanging out with him. We all went to the Ballard Seafood Fest and had fun looking at and smelling all the food. Aaron got himself a new onesie with the Seattle skyline on it!

He also had a visit from his cousin Jodi who came and sat with him for awhile while Josh was at at appointment. Aaron's very first time being "babysat" by a youngin' and by youngin', I mean someone who hasn't been a parent yet. ;)

Then last weekend he has his tia Natalie come visit him. Natalie hadn't seen Aaron since he was born, so this was a wonderful reunion! After Aaron got used to Natalie, he took to her very well and they had their own little connection. Yay for awesome family!

And as some of you might have heard, the last 2 weeks in Seattle was like living in an OVEN. Oh sure, you Californian cousins laugh because you say 90 degrees isn't that hot. Well HELLO folks. Seattle DOES NOT HAVE AC. Seriously. At one point I was calling around to ask restaurants if they had AC and I wasn't the only one! Last Thursday was actually the hottest day in Seattle, ever. 102 degrees.

Aaron had developed a heat rash earlier in the week because of all the heat so we had been keeping him in his diaper only, giving him cool baths and feeding him popsicles. But Thursday we gave in and headed to the mall for some much needed AC. Of course, everyone and their mother was there, literally, so it wasn't as cool as it normally is because of all the bodies! But it was still better than being outside. Aaron's heat rash is all gone now though and he's feeling much better. Well, actually, I'm not sure he ever felt that bad about it. I think I felt worse about the heat rash than he did!

This week his grandpa Howard and tia Eva are visiting so he'll be busy still!

Aaron also got a wonderful gift from some neighbors of his great aunt Kathy and great uncle Henry. They gave him a Johnny Jumper! He LOVES that thing! All you have to do is say "bouncy bouncy bouncy" and he's off! :) I've even got

Aaron still isn't crawling but he's rolling around all over the place, even in his sleep! That kind of freaked me out at first, but I think he's old enough I don't have to worry about it much. He can sit on his own and he likes to stretch out his legs a lot and if you hold him very lightly, he can almost stand on his own! He's starting to verbalize much more and we're pretty sure he's on his way to saying "mama". Right now it's more like "ma ma ma ma ma"! LOL.

I've got so many pictures and now even video of Aaron (on You Tube!) that I posted the link to my Flickr account on the blog side bar. I might do the same for You Tube if I get more video.
So please enjoy and feel free to comment! I'd love to hear what you all think!

Hugs & Kisses from all 4 of us! (That's Ulrich - being the 4th! Don't forget about the four-legged family!)