Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stomp, stomp like a dinosaur

See this boy right here? This boy took his first steps yesterday - All. On. His. Own. :)

Aaron was at his toy chest, trying to walk over to Josh who was sitting on the couch. He reached out for Josh's leg and simultaneously let go of the toy chest but Josh quickly moved his leg out of reach and Aaron sized up the situation, and took 3 steps over to the couch without holding on to anything! It was awesome! Josh and I both clapped and yelled "YAY!!" and Aaron just smiled.

He already walks behind his fire truck (it has wheels and a handle so he can push it and walk behind it). He will walk holding our hands and recently I've been able to grab just one of his hands and start walking and he'll come along with me. Soon enough, he'll be doing it all on his own!