Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Boy

Oh My Goodness, so many changes!  

First of all, Aaron is finally in his big boy bed!  Josh and I went to IKEA and gave in to getting him a toddler bed which he totally loves!  He was so excited to get in it after Josh put it together that he could barely wait for me to put the sheets on first!  So far, he's been really good about sleeping in it too.  At first, he didn't even leave the bed.  It was almost like he didn't even think about it.  This last week he's just starting to get up out of the bed after Josh and I leave the room and either try to sneak out of the room, or get toys to play in the bed.  And the last 2 nights he's been a bit more needy - wanting the light on and wanting one of us to lay down with him.  It's so strange how it seems to have actually regressed instead of the other way around, but I guess we should consider ourselves lucky we're not like one of those families on Super Nanny.  Not YET anyway!  

Secondly, thanks mostly to Grandma Yvette, Aaron is what I like to refer to as "naked potty-trained"!  As long as he's naked from the waist down, we're all good for going in the potty!  So most of the time at our house, he runs around without pants so he can do his business properly.  Then he loved to run out and announce "MOMMA!  I went PEE-PEE!".  Grandma is now working on getting him to tell us when he has to go while he has a diaper on.  And we've bought undies for both houses so we can practice wearing those too.  He does tell us sometimes when he has to go and asks us to take his diaper off, but that is about a 20% chance at best.  So for now, I'm happy to let him run around half naked in my house if it means less accidents.  Plus, I get to pinch those cute buns every once in awhile! 

Everything else is good.  He's growing taller and leaning out, though he's still in a size 4T even though he's only 2.5 years old!  Right now he's really into the Cars Movie and he's got Cars toys and cars undies.  We try not to spoil him too much, but with 5 adults who see him on a daily basis and him being the only kid -- let's just say he doesn't NEED anything.  Well, he's always needing new clothes since he seems to grow out of them so quickly, but you catch my drift.

He's definitely an only child and wants everyone's attention -- All The Time.  But that's usually if we're all together.  If it's just me and Aaron or mom and Aaron for example, he plays all by his little ol' self and he's totally fine.  But if he has an audience he definitely wants to be the center of attention!  

He's getting to be more and more of a "big boy" though and it's so fun to watch him grow and change and develop.  He loves stories and books.  He loves music.  Loves to sing and be sung to.  And he loves to shake his booty!  I totally taught him that.  Tee hee!

Yes, he's growing and this December he'll be 3.  He's my little "big boy" and I love him more than anything.