Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween?  Make that, HOWLoween!  This year October turned out to be a busy month for us and we never got around to the pumpkin patch.  Then, a few days before Halloween Aaron caught a cold and of course, gave it to me.  (Side note: if anyone in the house gets sick, I WILL CATCH IT).  So, not only did we not do our usually October family fun, but we didn't even get around to decorating or costume shopping before Aaron and I were down in the dumps. 

Josh was running around on the Eve of Halloween searching for a suitable costume.  What makes it even more sad was that this was the first year that Aaron actually knew what he wanted to be for Halloween and we just couldn't find it!  Chubbs wanted to be a pumpkin.  He'd been saying it all month.  "Dadda, I'm gonna be a pumpkin and you're gonna be yeeh-yok" (aka yogurt for all you non-Aaron speakers).  But apparently, pumpkin costumes in a size 4 toddler are hard to find, especially the day before Halloween!  SO, I sent Josh to Gymboree (I called ahead to make sure they had costumes in his size) and his choices were Zoo Keeper or Werewolf.  Ok, so the obvious choice is Werewolf.  I mean, who the heck wants to be a zoo keeper for a Halloween?  And what kind of costume is that anyway -- khaki shorts and shirt with a badge?  WOW.  Big whoop.  So Josh brought the Werewolf costume home, I showed it to Aaron and he seemed pretty excited about it so we tried it on and he loved it!  He was all smiles!  Phew.  Saved on that one!

We decided to spend Halloween at my parents' house because they live in a neighborhood with lots of families and plus, they had at least some decorations out.  I wasn't even sure Aaron would go trick or treating since he'd never gone before and he doesn't even really know what candy is.  The past 2 years (Year 1: Chubby Skeleton, Year 2: Pirate) we had gone to the zoo's Halloween event.  But we taught him how to say trick or treat, dressed him in his costume and then I asked if he wanted to go trick or treating to the "Halloween houses" and he said YES!  (Thanks to books that his tia Bea & tio Sonny gave him and to a few cartoons, he already understood the basic concept of the holiday).  So off we went on Aaron's first trick or treating adventure!

I have to say, he kind of loved it.  He tried to go into the first house because he thought there was more to see in there.  He loved all the decorations and loved saying "trick or treat" to everyone.  Chatterbox that he is (wonder where he gets that from?  READ: Josh), he wanted to talk to every single person at every house we stopped at.  "Trick or treat!  I'm going to the Halloween houses!" or "You have a cat!" or "We are walking to the houses and saying trick or treat!" or "You are a witch!".  Haha!  What a ham.  We only did a handful of houses because it's a lot of walking for such a little guy and that werewolf hood was HOT!  So eventually we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's were tia Eva and Grandma Yvette were  handing out candy.  Aaron did one last trick or treat at their house and got 2 new Cars toys from his dad (Sarge & Filmore).  Then we dumped all the candy he collected in our bowl to hand out to others!  Recycling candy! 

For the remainder of the night, Aaron helped me hand out candy to the rest of the kids by running to the door and saying "Happy Halloween!" to all the trick or treaters!   All in all, I think it was a great night even though we didn't prepare as much as we would have.  I think we all enjoyed the night, and, we all enjoyed each other.  What more could you ask for?

Happy Halloween!!!!