Monday, August 13, 2012

The 3rd Trimester Is Laborious (Pun Intended)

Aaron helping his dad paint the fence.
Well, here I am 29 weeks pregnant and just into my third trimester.  Though this pregnancy has been tons easier on me than I remember Aaron's being (*knocking on wood, crossing fingers and making wishes*) the beginning of this third trimester is bringing on all the wariness and awkwardness of pregnancy that I remember toward the end of Aaron's.  Back aches, sore muscles, swelling, heaviness, sleeplessness..... you name it.  

Pregnancy in the third trimester is me saying "I'm too uncomfortable right now.  I think I'm going to go lay down" and 20 minutes later..... "I was too uncomfortable laying down.  I think I'm going to walk around a bit".  If I ever find a truly comfortable place, I am SO not leaving it.  Work and food be damned!

We have been slowly making upgrades to the house when we can afford to and have the time.  With the help of my parents we finally (OMG NO SERIOUSLY..... FINALLY) got a new bed.  YESSSSSSSS!  A wonderful, memory foam hybrid -- KING size and with a frame to match our dressers.  I, am sleeping SO much better since the new mattress.  Even with the waking and peeing and tossing and turning.  Seriously, the bed is awesome.

A few weeks ago we got someone to come and haul away this yucky, old deck that was in our backyard for free (yes, thank you people of Craigslist) which is totally awesome because I felt it was super unsafe for Aaron to play on it.  Rusty nails, rotting wood, splinters.... you get the idea.  Of course, this means we have a backyard that is half icky grass (more like weeds and different kinds of grass) and half dirt and holes.  Now we just have to figure out how to easily and cheaply put sod/grass back there.  That's a project for the next month or so.

This weekend Josh was able to finish up fixing & painting the gate at our front yard.  The wooden trim was rotted and so the iron gate was just hanging there all loose and squeaky like.  So he went to Home Depot and bought new wood for the trim and replaced it.  This weekend he finished it up by painting the wood to match the existing fence and remounting the iron gate.  Aaron is always wanting to help his daddy out with these projects so I figured this would be a good one to help out with.  I put him in some old clothes and sent him outside to help Josh paint the trim.  Of course, here in Sacramento it was like..... OH 107 DEGREES outside on that day so the paint dried as quickly as it was being put down.  Aaron, fair child of mine that he is, can't really be in the sun too long (just like his momma) so I let him be out there for about 10 minutes before I told him what a good job he did helping daddy out and then offered him an Otter Pop if he came inside.  After the Otter Pop we had a shower!  Man, it was HOT.  

But Josh toughed it out and finished the gate.  Then he went out back and did some cleaning up back there by removing a bunch of unwanted rocks and debris from what was under the deck.  Also, those ugly brown rocks that people use for landscaping which I find hideous are all around our house in the yard so I told him I want them all gone.  He got up a lot of them, but not all before the garbage can was almost full.  After he knew the heat was too much he came inside and worked on the bathroom faucet, replacing and fixing the filter in our sink.  It had a super low flow filter that basically gave us drops of water.  Literally, drops.  We bought a better one and Josh replaced it.  Now I can actually brush my teeth!

In the next 2 weekends we'd like to get the baby nursery finally painted and get the crib up.  Luckily, I've saved Aaron's crib so we already have that.  I also saved all his clothes so I finally went through and saved a few that were unisex for Baby Girl and the rest I guess are going to have to be sold or given away.  

At the end of this month my bestie Stephanie is going to throw me a baby shower at her house.  It looks like a might have a visitor or two this month also so that's going to be wonderful!  Next month I only have one thing planned...........

Let's all pray to the gods (and God) now that it be about 25 degrees cooler and that I be about 25 percent more comfortable for this.....

Dave Matthews Band in Mountain View!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I know, you think I'm cray.  But I haven't missed a year and Aaron went in my belly, so I think Baby Girl can too.  Of course, I wasn't 8 months pregnant at the time.....  But who's counting?

SO, that's the update folks.  Who is ready for Baby Girl besides me?  



justnotTHATmom said...

I just clicked on your blog from a comment you left on Classy Chaos. I was curious what a half "Tico" looked like because I have never heard of that. lol. What's crazy is when I saw your picture of your hubbie painting the gate, I thought, where does she live? That looks really similar to my fron gate. Then I saw that you the little hashtage at the bottom that said Sacramento. What a coincedence! Me too! lol Small World. :-)

AEC said...

Wonderful - thanks for visiting! Yes, we're in the Pocket of Sacramento. Nice to "meet" another Sac blogger!