Friday, October 12, 2012

Nesting & Resting

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Well the it's finally here!  My resting & nesting period.  I'm officially off work at 37 weeks and now I get to worry about all the things I have to get done before baby gets here while I lay in bed with my feet up.  LOL!  Not really --- I have a list of things I get to supervise Josh doing!  But honestly, since I'm home now I will be doing what I can while I have some quiet time to finish organizing and cleaning both of the kids rooms.  

We had told Aaron that because we painted Baby Girl's room, we'd paint his too and we let him pick out the color.  His favorite color is green, so we took him to Home Depot to pick out a shade of green (that we approved of) and Josh has successfully painted Aarons' room after a Pinterest room I saw that incorporated green and navy (which was my color choice for Aaron).  There are only a few touch ups left for Josh to do (the walls are textured so some of the paint from the lines bled) and then we can move the furniture back in.  Once everything is back, I promise to take pictures of both finished rooms!  

Aaron has started school part time and he's still getting used to this new venture.  He's hesitant at drop off, but I'm assured by everyone at the school that once I'm gone, he warms up.  When I pick him up he seems to be just fine, though happy to see me.  Yesterday was picture day - his very first!  The idea of it just makes me smile!  I hope he smiled in the picture!  

Fall has finally arrived in Sacramento and I'm so grateful that it did because I wasn't looking forward to having Baby Girl in 100 degree weather.  But that also means in addition to my baby nesting, I have to weed through Aaron's closet and toys and get take inventory of what's left and what we need.  I can already tell you he'll be needing pants, shoes and a new sweatshirt or two.  He does NOT need more toys!

I'm also looking forward to decorating for Fall and I hope that we can get a few Halloween decorations up too.  I think Aaron wants to be a Minion for Halloween but the actual costume is super lame.  I would be better off trying to make one if I thought I could find the items.  Anyone in Sac know how to knit?  As for Baby Girl, if she gets here before Halloween, I've got a purrrfect outfit for her from the Gap.  

I feel like we have so much to do and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed but I just remind myself that as long as we have the basics, we really don't need the other things.  We do need your good thoughts, prayers, mojo or whatever else you feel like sending us for a healthy baby and uncomplicated delivery!  

Keep us in your thoughts!  We'll keep you all updated!