Friday, October 17, 2014

The Older They Get

Today we had Aaron's parent teacher conference and we are very proud to say that according to his teacher he is very bright and is well ahead of where he needs to be.  Aaron knows all of his letters (both upper and lower case), numbers 0-30 and during the  the test he knew 47 out of 50 site words.  But I called him over during the meeting and asked him to read me the three words he missed during the test and he got two out of the three!  So basically he knows 49 out of the 50!  Woot!  The one "academic" thing he does need to work on is his penmanship.  

After we were done meeting with his teacher we left the classroom and some of the other kids were standing in line waiting to come in (school was just beginning).  Aaron walked out to get in line and put his backpack up.  One of the little girls in his class said "Oooh Aaron!  How'd you get in the class already?"  Well, Elizabeth was having NONE of that and ran after him yelling at the girl "HEY!  That's MY Baby!" (She calls him Baby).  LOL!  I guess she doesn't like other girls talking to her big brother!  I'm pretty sure she's going to be saying in high school "Listen Skank!  That's MY brother!  You better stay away from him or ELSE!"   Hahaha!  Then after we left Aaron in the class to start school we were walking back to the car and Josh was carrying her and I swear to God she was giving some other little girl the stink eye on the way to the parking lot!  Josh and I were cracking up the whole way.  

Back to the whole Baby thing - Elizabeth calls Aaron "Baby".  She won't even attempt to say Aaron!  She says so many other names!  Besides mama & dada she says Elsa, Anna, Sophia ('Phia), Gamma (Grandma), tia, Sam & even Malcolm!  But no Aaron.  Poor Aaron.  He doesn't seem to mind though.  

Elizabeth was still using her binky up until about 2 weeks ago when I finally decided to see if he would notice if I didn't.  I was just really giving it to her for nap and sleep but she started wanting it more again so one day after she woke up I just put it out of site and she never asked for it.  I put her to bed without it and it went really well for the first two days.  After that she would ask for it once in awhile but I'd quickly change the subject and that seems to work so far.  Yesterday was the first time she asked for it and kinda cried about it when I would give it to her.  I just told her I didn't know where it was!  Eventually she got over it but then she asked for it again today.  No fit, but still.  I'm waiting for the day she doesn't mention it.  Until then, I'm hiding them instead of throwing them away.  

Her birthday is next week and we're doing a Frozen theme of course.  The only other thing she likes as much is Sophia the First, but that's a more recent like.  We've ordered the cake and since we don't have family or friends close enough to invite to a party, we're just going to have cake and presents for us four.  I'm not sure if we will go out to eat (she loves pizza) or if we'll do it at home.  Either way I'm sure she'll enjoy it!  As long as she gets her CAKE!  

Hope you're all doing well!  Until next time!