Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warning: If you let me cut your child's hair he'll end up looking like Llyod Christmas from Dumb & Dumber

Ok, seriously..... Don't ever let me cut Aaron's again. He went from having his sweet little naturally emo haircut:

to the Lloyd Christmas Dumb & Dumber haircut:

I'm pretty sure this might make me a horrible mother. Josh made fun of it for days. Needless to say, Aaron will be wearing hats for awhile. Poor kid (sigh).

Well besides the terrible haircut, Aaron has begun teething again and he's got good days and then very bad, awful, no-good days. We're doing all the things we're supposed to.... but mostly it's the waking up at 3 or 4 am that is driving me insane. I went from drinking an occasional cup of coffee to 1-2 cups a day.

On a different note, we went to our first "social function" together --- A wedding! My friend Sara got married this past weekend and we took Aaron. He did really well which was awesome. And pretty much everyone thought he was adorable, including the photographer! I'm sure he's gonna be in like, half the photos! I hope Sara won't mind! I took a few photos myself and they are up on Flickr.

In development news, Aaron rolls around everywhere and now he can get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth but usually ends up launching himself backwards instead of forward. He'll get it soon though, I'm sure! And just the other day, he pulled himself up in his crib all by himself! NO help from mom or dad whatsoever! He's still saying the "dadada"s and "bababa"s and occasionally the "mamama"s (which is strange because he started off with "mama", but whatever). And we're pretty sure he tries to say doggy too. It's funny because he knows Ulrich's name. So anytime I say Ulrich, he looks for the dog.

Other than that, everything is going well. We are looking forward to Aaron's first Halloween and plan to go to the Pumpkin Prowl at the Zoo. ;)

Hope all is well with you! More updates to come soon.


Burgh Baby said...

Everybody gets at least one bad haircut in their lifetime. Now he has his one out of the way! Yay!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

OMG - that made me laugh out loud!! How could you mommy!! LOL!!!

Mocha Dad said...

I cut my sons hair once. Now I leave it to the professionals.

melissa said...

but look at that face!! omg. i want to eat him. nom. nom.

now, stay away from my son. thank you!!
my fil gave my son a hair cut, probably when he was around this age...and his bangs were lopsided. it was horrendous. actually, it was before his 3rd b'day. and we had to take him to the hairdresser to get it fixed. he ended up looking like the little dutch boy.
not a good look!!