Friday, October 30, 2009

Aaron's First Pumpkin Carving

There are just way too many cute pictures of the pumpkin carving to post, but I love this first one so here it is! I had Josh carve a pumpkin for Aaron last weekend (all the pics are posted on my Flickr site) and Aaron was VERY interested in the pumpkin guts, of course. I think it was probably most fun for me because it's so fun to watch him experience new things and to learn about new things. Plus, he was half naked and half naked babies are always adorable!

In development news, Aaron started army crawling his way around instead of just rolling. And he can actually get on all fours and rock back and fourth, but no actual crawling on his hands and knees. And unfortunately, he's figured out how to open the dog cage. Yay! for being smart, boo! for getting in trouble. He's a little stinker already. He'll do something he knows he shouldn't be doing -- for example I have the stack of magazines on the bottom shelf of a side table and he always goes for them because he likes to tear them up. Well, we tell him "NO" when he does that and we move him away from the magazines. But he'll get back over there and touch the magazines with one hand and hold it there while he looks back at me! Then I say "no Aaron, those are mommies" and he takes his hand off, then immediately puts it back and looks at me again but with this little smile in his eyes. YEAH - a little trouble maker already! Geesh - what am I in for?

Anywho, his mistake of a haircut is looking a little better and most people are nice about it, saying they like it (psha, right!). Other than that, he's doing well! My Chubbas!

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!