Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Attention People! My son is a genius!

Hola folks! So there have been a few developments lately that I thought I'd share (especially since I have not written ONE word in his baby book and need to remember this stuff some how). Aaron just recently started getting up on all fours and doing that rocking back and forth motion -- well, the other day he actually crawled! He only did 3 or 4 moves forward before he fell flat on his belly, but he actually crawled on all fours! It was fantastic! Since then he throws in a crawl here in there in between his current method of movement - the army crawl. He's moving pretty fast and I'm sure he'll be fulling crawling in no time. ;)

Aaron also had 3 full teeth on the bottom and now you can make that 3.5 and another one on the way towards the back! He's already got 4 full teeth on top too. Unfortunately, though he had no real symptoms when he was first teething except for crankiness galore, he is definitely showing physical symptoms this time around. His tummy is NOT doing well. Poor baby.

Which kind of relates to my next development - Since his tummy isn't that great, his little bum is suffering and my mom (who is visiting to help out while Josh gets used to his new job schedule) let Aaron go diaper free for awhile to "air out". I guess after about 20 minutes she decided to take him over to the toilet and see if he'd go to the bathroom. She held him on the toilet and asked him to go pee-pee and he had a little drop. So she asked him again and instead of peeing, he pooped! He pooped in the toilet! And then he peed which went all over the floor because he was in a sitting position and, well, he's a boy! But YES, my 10 month old boy peed and pooed in the toilet. GENIUS! Then apparently he reached for the toilet paper. No joke! I mean, he sees me do it all the time, so I guess he figured he was supposed to do it too! My mom tells me that her and her sisters used to take my uncle Anthony when he was 5 months old to pee and poo in the toilet and he would do it! Crazy stuff if you ask me! But genius!

PS - can you believe he's almost one year old!!? It's insane. More updates to come!