Saturday, December 8, 2012

So Much To Say (Little Baby!)

This kid!  Stud.
Well, I had intended to write a new blog after Elizabeth's 1 month check up, but time slips away when you're holding a new baby.  First, let me update you on Aaron.   

Aaron has been sick for what it seems like 2+ months with one cold after the other.  He had 2 ear infections in a month and a few weeks ago he had a fever and was vomiting.  We first took him to Urgent Care (they sucked, btw) and then to UC Davis ER where he was admitted and observed overnight.  The only thing they could definitely diagnose him with was fluid in the ears and dehydration.  They took blood multiple times, put in an IV, took x-rays and did sonograms.  Words like appendicitis, intussusception (telescoping of the intestine) and virus were being thrown around.  They eventually moved him from the child's wing of the ER (thank GOD because that was not a pleasant place to be) to the pediatric ward.  

Basically he was monitored and given fluids and Tylenol and nothing was ever truly diagnosed.  They think he had a virus.  Nothing wrong with his appendixThey said he had intussusception of the small intestine but it was too far up to correct and that likely it would correct itself.  They also said it was likely brought on by the virus he had.  Strange, right?  So he was sent home.

But he still has cold like symptoms -- a sore throat, occasional cough, stuffy/runny nose and mucus.  IT'S BEEN LIKE, 2 MONTHS!  I don't know what to do about it and it's really frustrating.  What's more frustrating is that I feel like I have to tell him to keep away from Elizabeth because he's sneezing and coughing and I don't want her to get sick.  She already caught it once and I had to deal with 2 sickies.  

Additionally, we had made an appointment with an ENT for him because he snores loudly and it sounded like he might have sleep apnea.  He also breaths loudly and has recently (like in the past 6 months) become a mouth breather.  Plus, recently he's been saying "What did you say?" a lot.  As if his hearing is getting worse.  I think the whole thing has to be related, but I'm not a doctor so what do I know?

The ENT said he still had fluid in his ears and that he couldn't test his hearing until it was cleared so he gave him another round of antibiotics and told us to come back.  He also said that he does have large glands and adenoids but that he doesn't want to rush into surgery.  OK great, neither do we but that still doesn't answer how we're supposed to solve the snoring/breathing problem!  UGH!

So as a result of all this, he's been missing school a tonIf you have kids, you know that preschool is super expensive and regardless of your child missing school because of being sick or not, you still have to pay the full tuition.  Which, because of me not working currently, we just cannot afford.  Well, honestly we couldn't afford it with me working, but definitely we can't now so we've pulled Aaron out of school until we can figure out what is wrong with him and we can afford to send him again.  Hopefully in the Spring!!!  

This baby!  Princess.
Elizabeth is doing well.  She's gaining weight, sleeping through the night (mostly) and drinking her bottles.  Right now she's cuddled with Josh (which is how I have free time to write this!)This girl gets a ton of kisses and cuddles, that's for sure!  She makes the cutest faces and sometimes she'll just lay there and coo.  When Aaron was in the hospital, I stayed overnight with him while Josh stayed home with Elizabeth.  I was gone for almost 24 hours and when Josh and I switched and I came home to Elizabeth.  When I first picked her up she smiled at me!  Twice!  It was so cute.  Baby girl recognized her momma!  I can also get her to smile at me when I kiss her on the lips.  It takes a few times but around the 3rd or 4th try, she smiles and even laughed once!

At almost 2 month old, she can hold her head up and almost turn over.  She grabs on to everything with her little skinny hands and sometimes she'll try to stand off of you if you're holding her.  Of course I don't let her stand, but she's a strong girl for sure!  She dreams and sometimes you will catch her sleeping with her eyes open.  Freaky, I know, but mom tells me she gets it from her Grandma Gloria.

As for me, I've seen the doctor and she told me I'm all healed which is great to hear.  My back still hurts though.  Some days it's not too bad but other days it hurts like a MF.  I was still taking the 800 mg of ibuprofen whenever my back pain would come back.  And then for some reason I kept getting these stomach aches.  I couldn't figure out why and why they seemed to come mostly at night time.  I was taking Tums and Pepto Bismol but they would only help a little.  Finally, yesterday I thought - holy crap! - what if it's the ibuprofen?  So I didn't take it yesterday and suffered through a day of back pain, but with no stomach problems!  Hooray!  Sort ofI think I'll give it a few days (or at least until my back pain gets really bad) and then I'll start taking Aleve instead.  

Now my job will be to figure out how to be a SAHM with two kids all day.  At least for the next few months.  But first we get through December!!!!  Aaron's birthday is coming up and then Christmas.  Today we might go tree shopping if Josh can find the decorations!  We even have a fireplace to decorate this time!  Super exciting - our first Christmas together in a house as a family!

I hope you all are well, enjoying time with loved ones and that you all have a super fabulous holiday season!