Friday, January 18, 2013

Growing and growing

Aaron saying good morning to Elizabeth.
These kids keep growing.  Someone should tell them to slow down, seriously.  I looked at both my babies yesterday and at different times thought, when and how did he/she get so big?  Elizabeth is just..... I mean..... it's crazy!  She's not even 3 months yet and I'm putting her in 6 month clothing because she's too long for the 3 month one-piece outfits.  She went from being so skinny we could feel her spine to having a double chin!  Oh believe me, I think it's fabulous!!!  But holy crap, when did it happen?!  She's getting chubbs!  I mean, I doubt she'll ever reach her brother's previous chubb status (evidenced here and here) but you never know.

And speaking of Aaron, I mean - he's not even a baby anymore!  He's a boy!  A (little) big boy!  He's got the biggest eyes and these long eyelashes that he bats at you........  He's just beautiful but sometimes I look at him and miss the little chubby baby he used to be.

Aaron is still out of school but he's doing much better health-wise and I'd like to keep it that way!  The rest of us are doing well too.  I just ordered a scale on Amazon and should be back on Weight Watchers by the end of the month.  This time around I'll be doing the online version only since I've been through the program once before (and reached my goal weight!).

Right now I'm enjoying the time with the kids at home though.  I often think of starting up some crafts.  I know I promised 3 other people I would send them something homemade last year and I never got around to it with the baby and all.  SO, perhaps I'll complete it this year instead.  I'm also following the Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge, which is fun.  I post all the photos on her Photo A Day Facebook Page.  

Thinking ahead, I'm hoping this year brings plenty of NEW & HAPPY adventures, trips and visits.  I'm taking in the small moments and making them into memories.  I love my family.  

 "Collect memories, not things"




natalie coblentz said...

What kind of crafts do you want to learn?I have a lot of them. And I have all the materials.

natalie coblentz said...

I have alot of crafts you can play with