Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October!

Elizabeth Grace 11 months

Elizabeth Grace loves giving herself kisses in the mirror
Elizabeth Grace is 11 months old and officially in her birthday month!  I can't believe she's going to be a year old soon!  The time has gone by so quickly with her it's unbelievable.  Elizabeth weighs 24 lbs and is just getting into 18 month clothing.  She still only has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom.  She crawls, she stands and she walks while holding onto furniture.  

Elizabeth has recently added grandpa to her vocabulary and is almost saying "reloj" ("watch" en Espanol).  She can give high-five and she actually talks to her dad on the phone.  I mean, literally, I put Josh on the phone with her and as soon as he starts talking she smiles big and says "dada!", babbles some and then tries to lick the phone!  Haha - I think she's trying to give him kisses.    

Elizabeth is a big people watcher.  She loves to stare and study people.  Trust me, she will check you out and up and down and sideways!  Elizabeth claps and yells "yeeeeeah!" and if I'm watching a show with an audience (like Ellen) she claps whenever the audience does!  It's so cute.  I can't believe she'll be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!  

But get this - she's going to have a super one year birthday party in, of all places, Las Vegas!  Two families, three birthdays and two mini reunions means a super awesome fun family time!  We can't wait!

Coolest kid in preschool.
Aaron has started public preschool.  Every day there is a morning struggle to get the slowest turtle ready for school and out the door.  But no matter how much of a struggle it is to get out the door, it's the same struggle to get him out of the classroom at the end of the day.  

The first day of school we had a meeting with his teacher and she told us he was already holding hands with some girl!  So we asked Aaron if he had a girlfriend and he said yes!  Josh and I were cracking up!  He told his dad secretly that they were probably going to get married.  Since then, sadly, they have broken up and he is currently back on the market.  :)  It doesn't surprise me since before preschool he said he wanted to marry Pocahontas and have five children.  And he's going to support his family by being a veterinarian.  That's not surprising either since he loves animals and won't even eat meat sometimes because of it.  Unless it's bacon, of course.  

We have been struggling with Aaron's listening and attention skills.  I think there has been a lot of changes in his short life and there are more to come.  These changes I think took a larger toll on him than we anticipated and one of them is not being the only child (and grandchild) anymore.  Not getting the same attention is hard on him.  We are trying our best but if any of you have any tips, please send them our way! 

But the kiddos are well and we're all looking forward to our trip, our visit with Grandma Tina, Elizabeth's birthday and Halloween!!!!  Aaron wants to be a mummy but the jury is still out on Elizabeth.  I was thinking a black cat.......

What's your October going to be like?