Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pocoyo Boo! - Our Review

Pocoyo Boo! - Our Review
This month Aaron and I got a fun Halloween themed Pocoyo dvd from NCircle Entertainment: Pocoyo Boo!

I know I've said it before but Aaron just loves Pocoyo!  And even though this is a Halloween themed dvd, it's not scary (like some other ones I've seen) so it's perfect for your younger or sensitive kids.  

This dvd has seven (yes, seven!) cartoons with Pocoyo and his friends.  They explore new games by scaring each other (BOO!), play with friendly aliens on their planet, enjoy a monster party, solve mysteries and engage in pretend play with each other.  

Aaron's favorite episode was the first, titled Boo!, in which Pocoyo goes around scaring all his friends by hiding and then jumping out and saying.... you guess it... BOO!  Aaron squealed and laughed every time Pocoyo scared someone.  He thought the episode was just hilarious!

The dvd runs 50 minutes, includes Spanish language and is perfect for all ages.  Aaron and I give it a very spooky two thumbs up!

The SRP is $6.99 and the dvd can be found at retailers near you and at