Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Review of Octonauts: Here Come the Octonauts

The Octonauts!
This month Aaron and I were sent Octonauts: Here Come the Octonauts! for review.  Aaron has loved the Octonauts since the first episode he saw so I was pretty sure this would be a hit!

The Octonauts is a group of adorable animals that are underwater explorers!  They have their own submarine and underwater Octopod that they live in and explore the oceans with.  This dvd has 6 underwater adventures full of different creatures like sea snakes and baby penguins.  It also includes bonus features where kids (and adults too!) can learn about marine life in the Octonauts Creature Reports.

Aaron's favorite episode was the Sea Snake one where a mother Sea Snake sneaks on to the Octopod to have her babies in a safe environment.  The Octonauts have to first find all the babies and then safely get them back into the ocean but there is a whirlpool preventing them from doing so!  Eventually the team figures things out and the babies and their mom are freed safely into the ocean. 

Octonauts is great in teaching your kids teamwork and problem solving while also learning about our oceans, underwater animals, habitats, conservation and more!

So join Captain Barnacles and his team for fun filled exploration, rescue adventures and ocean habitat conservation in Octonauts: Here Come the Octonauts!  You can find the dvd at a retailer near you for a SRP of $12.99 or you can also buy it online directly from NCircle Entertainment (where, shhhhh.... it's currently a $1 off!).