Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smarty Pants

Mermaid Lizzy
This kid.  It's amazing how kids grow both physically and cognitively.  Elizabeth picks up things so quickly - she is just So. Smart.

At almost 14 months Elizabeth weighs around 24 lbs.  She has 8 teeth on the top and 6 on the bottom.  She does plenty of baby talk but does say mama, dada & bye-bye.  She has moments when she'll say a word once or twice but then we won't hear it again.  I'm pretty sure she heard us say Seahawks (SB CHAMPS!) so much this past month that she has started saying it too.  Now she's using a lot of the "k" and "t" sounds.  

Just this evening she pointed her popsicle at me and said something that at first sounded Russian to me.  But I finally figured out she was saying "cut".  She wanted me to cut the wrapper down.  Every time she would eat it too short I would ask "Do you want me to cut it?" and she would hold it out.  By the 3rd time she was asking me!  "Cut"!  SO SMART.  

Earlier she was walking around with my pajamas shirt, cuddling with it and when she walked passed me I noticed her nose was running so I said "Oh Elizabeth, you have mocos" and so she turned her head into my shirt and blew her nose!  I'm pretty sure Aaron STILL isn't sure how to properly blow his nose and he's 5!  LOL.

Elizabeth walks well and she loves to be outside.  I like to try and go pick up Aaron early so it gives me enough time to allow Elizabeth to walk from the car to the classroom to pick Aaron up.  She loves it.  She walks around his classroom and all his little preschool buddies and love her.  Even the teacher and T.A.s want to pick her up.  One mom actually holds her and kisses her!  Surprisingly, I'm not bothered by it.  (Well, not that much anyway.)

As you can tell from the picture, she also loves the water!  She's so funny because she'll just lay down in the water on her belly -- no worries, no hesitancy.  And she kicks and turns.  I'll lay her down in shallow water on her back sometimes and she just laughs and kicks.  She has no fear!  Elizabeth is also a climber.  She tries to climb on her brother's toys and furniture and get on his foot stool.  I mean, I really gotta watch this one all the time.  

But I think what she loves most is FOOD!  Hahaha!  This baby girl can eat!  I mean, you'd think she would be bigger than her brother was at the same age but Aaron was a chunk!  And Lizzy really isn't.  I mean, she's got baby chub, but she's not like Aaron was.  And yet you can't eat a damn thing in front of her without her yelling at you and reaching out for it.  No joke.  I think she's only turned away food 2 or 3 times.  I pretty much have to portion control her meals sometimes because she'd just keep eating!  You can see her belly expanding!  haha!

But honestly, Elizabeth is such a smart & happy baby! She's doing wonderfully.  We hope you are too!