Sunday, January 11, 2009

21 days

Today my sweet boy is 21 days old. Hard to believe he'll be a month old soon!

Last week we had his 2 week doctor's visit and he is already passed his original birth weight and has grown to 21 inches! He's drinking more and sleeping a bit longer, though he's also getting more and more fussy - but we're thinking that might be a gassy thing. We're trying to work it out.

We gave him another bath today and I think I might try and start giving him one twice a week at least because he's got some baby acne (you didn't even know that existed, did you?) and though the doc says it's perfectly normal, I'd rather it not be there. He's a handsome boy regardless!!

Aaron likes to stare at me after he's been feed. He just looks at my face and studies it. He doesn't make any noises - he just stares. Though sometimes he does make faces!! His faces crack everyone up. I've already given him his first nickname - Popeye! I even sing him the Popeye the Sailor Man song because sometimes when he first wakes up, he only opens one eye at first. Sometimes he opens the right eye first, sometimes it's the left. It's almost as if he's checking everything out first!

I've also tested to see if he can mimic me yet by sticking my tongue out at him. He stares and studies and moves his mouth around and so far, he's stuck his tongue out back at me twice! I'm not trying to get him to be a bratty tongue user -- but I am trying to get him to be aware of his body parts! His grandpa Howard is also teaching him that (or motor skills, as grandpa calls them) by getting him to use his hand to grab objects like his pacifier or keys and such. I'm not sure Aaron knows what he's doing - but he's playing along anyway!

Aaron is enjoying his time with his grandparents and tia Eva, but we'll be home soon. I hope my neighbors can handle it!!