Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bath Time

Today Josh and I gave Aaron his real first home sponge bath. Aaron can't have a soak bath yet because he still has his umbilical cord and his little pee pee is still healing from the circumcision. Aaron is a little fussy when it comes to being messed with too much so he wasn't keen on the idea in the beginning but once we got to his head & hair, he loved it. Aaron loves to have his head rubbed so washing his hair was a breeze.

We've also been taking him into the bathroom with us while we take turn taking hot showers because he's been really stuffy this past week and has a bit trouble breathing, especially at night. The steam seems to really help him and we also bought some saline drops for his nose, but he doesn't like that like he does the warm steam and heat lamp in the bathroom. And we put him at an angle instead of flat on his back when he sleeps, so I'm hoping that's helping him sleep better too.

Aaron also enjoys sleeping a lot just like his daddy so it's only natural that I would have caught them sharing one of their favorite activities together. Aaron is starting to sleep longer and eat a little bit more than 2 oz now. On Tuesday he has his 2 week appointment, so we'll probably have another update then. One thing that hasn't changed yet - he's still the most adorable baby on the planet!!