Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Month Old!

Today my baby boy is one month old! Hooray Aaron! And he has definitely grown!

Unfortunately, Aaron has been really fussy/cranky lately and we think the reason is gas. He was constipated and that was part of the problem, but we called the nurse at his doctor's office and she told us to try Karo Syrup for awhile. The Karo Syrup worked right away but we're still gonna use it for awhile until we're sure he's totally back to his normal BMs. It still seems like the gas is still bugging him though, so now we're trying a new bottle system. We were using the Born Free system (because it's
BPA free) but now we're trying the regular ol' Playtex drop in system. I just started it so we'll see how that works out. If you've got other gas reliving suggestions, please let me know!

Aaron did have a one month birthday visitor today! My friend Sara came by and brought Aaron an adorable outfit with a monkey on it. Before her visit, Aaron took a bath and got all spiffed up, making sure to put on the adorable sailboat onesie Sara gave him before he was born. He looked adorable. Too bad he was so fussy toward the end of the visit!

Here is another bath time photo: