Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Do you ever wonder what babies dream about? I mean, really - what could they possibly dream about? What reference do they have in their baby brains to draw dreams from?

Aaron dreams. He frowns and smiles and sucks and even laughs when he's sleeping! It's the funniest thing ever. I see his REMs and the breathing pat
tern changes when he changes his expressions. Sometimes he even cries out when he's sleeping and then goes right back to sleep all on his own. He's so adorable.

Physically, he's definitely heavier, his head is larger, his hair thinner and his eyebrows darker. Most of the time I look at him and see me. Sometimes I can look at him and see his Tia Eva when she was a baby. But Aaron definitely has physical traits of
Josh too. Josh tells him he has his Frenchy frog legs!

Aaron is awake much more and he "talks" with goos and gaas and grunts! He actually grunts alot -- he sounds like an elephant so I'm always telling him "Yo soy un elefante!". He's still got the gassy thing going on, even though we changed the bottles. It's actually alot better, but not completely gone so my mom bought a third system to try out by a company called MAM. I'm going to try that out today. When Aaron wants his bottle, he wants his bottle right now darn it! so if he gets really upset, I have found that the kitchen fan calms him do
wn. Evidently he likes white noise. Now I'm going to look for a CD of white noise to play while he's in his crib.

Wherever he falls asleep during the day though is where I leave him! I try and get chores done when he's sleeping and if he's in a deep sleep, that's when I take a shower. Below is a picture of him in his chair with a stuffed penguin his Tia Na
talie made him by hand. He seems very interested in it, doesn't he?? This was right before nap time.

Well, I hope you are doing well out there! Keep in touch.